Serbia’s Minimum Wage (2024)


The minimum wage in Serbia is RSD 271.00 per hour, effective between 1 January and 31 December 2024.

Minimum Wage in Serbia

How is Minimum Wage Determined

Pursuant to the Labour Act, the minimum wage is determined jointly by representatives of the Government of Serbia, trade unions, and employers’ organizations, or, provided they cannot reach an agreement, by the Government of Serbia.

It is set as a net sum in RSD per hour, yearly, by September each year for the next year.

Seeing as how the negotiating parties had not agreed on a minimum wage, the Government of Serbia delivered their unilateral decision in September 2023, raising the minimum wage from RSD 230/hour to RSD 271/hour, effective January 2024.

Minimum Wage Per Month

Given that not all months have an equal number of workdays, the minimum wage for 2024 is set, by month, as follows:

minimum wage table

The above table holds true provided no changes are made to the legislation governing taxes, duties, health and social insurance, or the wages themselves.

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