Serbia to Host EXPO 2027

Expo 2027 Serbia

At the 172nd General Assembly meeting of the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) in held in Paris, France, on 21 June 2023, Serbia won the bid to host the Specialised Expo in 2027. The Expo 2027 Expo is currently scheduled to take place in the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, between May 15 and August 15, 2027.

Specialised Expo, officially known as ‘International Recognised Exhibition’, is a global event designed to respond to a precise challenge facing humanity. Specialised Expos welcome millions of visitors and offer a journey through the chosen theme through engaging and immersive activities.

Expo 2027 Serbia

EXPO 2027

A distinctive international event, the EXPO 2027 to be held Belgrade will showcase various scenarios and prospects for building more resilient people and communities and a balanced future of play, education, and ongoing progress rather than attempting to anticipate what lies ahead. It will involve everyone in a global partnership of public and commercial organisations working together for vulnerable people and places to have a resilient, sustainable, and prosperous future in order to:

  1. Draw attention to the growth in humanity, and the development of human resilience in a technologically advanced society;
  2. Draw attention to how technology is fostering humanity in the twenty-first century;
  3. Stress the significance of good physical and mental health as the foundation of stable civilizations;
  4. Encourage research and the creation of technologies that can aid in the development and support of human and social capital in novel ways. This includes the role of play through innovation, sport, and music.
Expo 2027 Serbia
Expo 2027 Serbia

The EXPO 2027 will encompass three units:

  1. an exhibition space with pavilions and accompanying features (multifunctional halls, congress halls, conference halls, traffic and infrastructure surfaces);
  2. auxiliary accommodation capacities for the needs of the participants in the event; and
  3. auxiliary commercial features for the participants and visitors of the event.


Expo 2027 Serbia

Serbia’s winning theme, “Play for Humanity – Sports and Music for All”, is about playfulness, about innovation, and about how technology can bring out the playfulness in each person. This winning theme is comprised of three sub-themes: power of play, play music, and play sport.

Power of Play

Expo 2027 Serbia

The objective is bringing out the playfulness in everyone, to build, to create, and/or to innovate, for things that everyone enjoys doing or will enjoy doing should new technology and/or activities are invented.

Play to Innovate

The purpose is to demonstrate play’s ability to generate new ideas and its value as a foundation for new inventions. Topics can be broadly construed and linked to several industries where play is employed to spur innovation. Science, technology, health, education, modern toys, mind and body development, and art therapy are some examples of related industries.

Play to Create

Being creative means having a fresh perspective. It’s the capacity to go beyond conventional notions and develop fresh guidelines, interpretations, and procedures. A challenge frequently calls for a different strategy. The objective is to demonstrate how creativity is used in education, businesses, and governments to overcome issues since creativity is full of play.

Play Music

Expo 2027 Serbia

There is no set rule for who will be the next great inventor in any sector, and part of playing includes frequently defying the rules. Let individuals play, emphasise on what comes naturally to them, and build resilience to become the best versions of themselves for the present and the future if the issue is on how to prepare the human body, mind, and reasoning and make it more resilient in the future.

Music Across the World

The purpose is to highlight the various facets and importance of music for various national communities. To the music of humanity, we all sing and dance. People’s emotional and physical health can be significantly impacted by music. In addition to being important for people’s wellbeing, music may be utilized as a medium for conveying a variety of messages, including tradition, culture, manifestations, and socialization. It can also be used to convey peaceful messages and support the development of moral solidarity and individuality in cultures.

Music for Driving Changes

The purpose is to highlight the importance and function of music in raising public awareness of social issues. The potential for including artists from many nations to illuminate and promote the themes of the EXPO 2027 is enormous.

The scope of the subtheme can be expanded to include music’s potential for both physical and mental growth. It is possible to offer music in such a way that it can have a therapeutic effect on both mental and physical health (enhancing memory, controlling pain, improving cognitive function, mood, and motivation for daily duties, etc.).

Play Sport

Expo 2027 Serbia

Play Sport ought to compel spectators to get up and participate as “players” in their own matches and games. All ages should engage in physical activity, which should be incorporated into various situations. A walk or even a simple sport exercise might improve your health. Early participation in sports teaches us how to fall and get back up, win and lose, work as a team, and socialize.

Recreational Sport

The purpose is to explore the definition of recreational sport in various nations and to give suggestions for its growth. Urbanism solutions for urban and non-urban areas, suggestions for in-home sport, locations for active sport holidays/sport tourism, sport psychology, using modern technology to support recreational sports, countries or businesses presenting HR policies to promote movement in people’s daily lives, etc. are just a few examples of topics that can be covered.

Humanity in Sports and Sport Related Technology

E-sports are a regular part of our lives. The purpose of this topic is to investigate in further detail how e-sport might promote physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, benefits for all ages, etc. Additionally, given the e-sport’s explosive growth in popularity, it is crucial to encourage ethical behavior as one of humanity’s core values. This is a forum for talking about many facets of how sport may affect how people develop in the future.


Expo 2027 Serbia

This major global event will be held near Serbia’s future national stadium in Surčin that could also further massive business opportunities to the area, and the surrounding areas of New Belgrade, and Lower Srem, along with the estimated number visitors at 2.6 million, a total economic effect of around 1.1 billion euros is estimated.

The Expo 2027 could further allow the hospitality, and travel, industries to flourish, bringing in more hotel bookings for the hotels in Belgrade, and potentially increasing seat capacities on flights bound for Belgrade.

With 830,000m² of exhibition space, multi-functional spaces are planned for the most important national exhibitions and conferences. The most prominent feature of the spatial development is the central promenade, which connects the pavilions (exhibition halls) arranged in a row and leads to a large rotunda where the main theme pavilions and the Serbian National Pavilion are located.

As for accommodation facilities, a hotel and an apartment hotel are scheduled to be built on 69,336m², and commercial space is scheduled to expand to 229,105m².


Expo 2027 Serbia

The plan will connect the complex to various modes of transport (existing Vojvođanska street, Belgrade bypass, new Belgrade-Surčin motorway, Nikola Tesla Airport via the planned BG Voz line (Line 4)). It is also envisaged to connect on multiple sides. On the other hand, the planning of the site for the construction of floating structures on the water in the Belgrade area offers the possibility of connecting with the center of Belgrade by water transportation.

This is a great opportunity for investors from all over the world to come to Serbia. Belgrade and Serbia are not only good destinations when it comes to tourism, they are good when it comes to innovation and the construction objects that are being built. Belgrade has been named the European city with the highest economic potential for the past two years in a row.

With the Expo 2027 theme of games and sports, Serbia invites you to cooperate, and to innovate.

Let’s work together towards the Expo 2027 in Serbia!

Expo 2027 Serbia