Minimum Salary in Serbia for 2023

Government of Serbia has rendered a Decision on increase of minimum salary, which was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia on September 14, 2022

The amount of the minimum hourly salary in the Republic of Serbia, starting from January until December 2023 is increased from net RSD 201,22 per working hour to net RSD 230,00 per working hour.

Accordingly, the net minimum monthly salary for 2023 varies depending on the number of working hours in the respective month as shown below: 

  • for a month with 160 working hours: RSD 36,800.00,
  • for a month with 168 working hours: RSD 38,640.00,
  • for a month with 176 working hours: RSD 40,480.00,
  • for a month with 184 working hours: RSD 42,320.00.

Additionally, starting from January 1, 2023, the non-taxable amount of salary has increased from RSD 19.300,00 to RSD 21.712,00.

Last, but not least, as per the Regulation on determining the criteria for the allocation of incentives for attracting direct investments in the Republic of Serbia (“Official Gazette RS”, no. 1/2019) the amount of basic salary for the employees/persons engaged for work on the investment project for which the incentives were granted must be at least 20% higher than the minimum salary. In view of this, companies that were granted incentives prior to rendering the Decision on increase of minimum salary are now obliged to harmonize their business operation with the new Decision and their investment obligations.

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