Ivana Kopilovic on CCTV News


At the first edition of the Liangzhu Forum held in Hangzhou, China, Ms. Ivana Kopilović, Managing Partner at Kopilović & Kopilović Law Firm, talked about how China is doing new and advanced things, especially in technology in an interview with CCTV News.

(Source: CCTV News)

On the interview, Ivana mentioned it is important for the world to understand how China mixes its old traditions with new technology in a special way.

(Source: CTNews)

Ivana further explained that China’s way of becoming modern is not just about buildings and gadgets; it is like blending old stories and customs with the latest technology. This mix creates a unique kind of modernization that is not just for China but also to the world.

Ivana thinks China’s way of doing things is not only about being powerful but also about working together with other countries for a peaceful future.

Source, and link to the interview: CCTV News

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