Changing the Interval for Using COVID Certificate


On November 9, 2021, the Government of the Republic of Serbia passed the Decree on Amendments to the Decree on Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Covid 19 Virus, registered under business number 05 no. 53-10304 / 2021.

The aforementioned Decree amended the previous Decree of 25 October 2021, which defined that in a closed facility in which the services of catering facilities are provided by serving food and beverages (except for facilities where food and beverages are served so that the user does not enter facility – so-called counter sales, when food and beverages are delivered), or without a direct user of the provider and user of services or when the facility is located within a closed business facility and food and beverages are not used by seated customers), as well as in facilities that are not in the register of catering facilities, and where entertainment and festive events are held (wedding hall, etc.), as a provider or user of the service in the period from 22.00 to the end of working hours of that working day, can stay only a person who has a Covid-19 certificate.

By the decree of November 9, 2021, the time related to the mandatory possession of the Covid 19 certificate was moved to 20.00. Also, the same now applies to facilities that work 24 hours. In the mentioned facilities, which work 24 hours, the stay of persons with a Covid 19 certificate refers to the period between 20.00 and 06.00.

The decree also expanded the number of facilities where people are allowed to stay with a Covid 19 certificate, and now the same applies to facilities where special and classic games of chance are organized – casinos, bookmakers, casinos.

The Decree also defines the period in which it will be valid, i.e., from November 8, 2021, to December 1, 2021.