Changes to the Amount of Fees Payable to the Serbian Business Register Agency

Starting from January 01, 2023, the Decision on fees for registration and other services provided by Serbian Business Register Agency („Official Gazette of RS“ No. 131/2022) (hereinafter: Decision) entered into force. In accordance with the Decision, the amount of fees is increased for the services that Serbian Business Register Agency (hereinafter: SBRA) provides for paper form applications by an average of 6%, while the majority of fees related to services provided by SBRA based on electronic applications remain unchanged- for example fees for registration of financial statements. In the summary below we outline the most important changes to the fees:

Application FormEstablishment
of the Company fee
Changes of registered data feeChange of the legal form of the Company feeStatus change fee
(M & A)
Reservation of the business name feeStatement on registered data  fee
-Amount in RSD
-Amount in RSD

There are certain exceptions, for example, for the registration of media the establishment fee amounts to RSD 3.300,00, and if the application is submitted electronically RSD 3.000,00. It should be noted that fee for branch establishment is RSD 3.100,00 and if application is submitted electronically then RSD 2.800,00.

It is important to emphasize that In the event of several changes in the company, the fee of RSD 3.100,00 is increased by RSD 1.500,00 per change (and if electronically, RSD 1.400,00 per change).

The amount of the additional fee for untimely submitted applications (applications submitted after the expiry of the period of 15 days from the day of occurrence of the change) amounts to RSD 6.000,00.

When it comes to entrepreneurs, the fees are, as before, lower than the fees for companies. In line with this unwritten rule, the fee for registering an entrepreneur is RSD 1.600,00 (in the event of electronic application this amount is RSD 1.500,00), while the fee for registering data changes is RSD 850,00, and if the application is submitted electronically then RSD 750,00.

Law firm Kopilovic & Kopilovic is available to all interested parties for additional queries related to the abovementioned Decision, as well as for further clarifications regarding the amount of the fees payable for certain services provided by the Serbian Business Register Agency.

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