2023 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists: Seminar on Papers

Young Sinologists

The 2023 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists – Seminar on Papers was successfully held on 28 November 2023. The event was hosted by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Young Sinologists
(Source: Pengpai News)

22 young sinologists from 21 countries, together with Chinese and foreign experts and scholars, discussed the mutual understanding between Chinese and foreign civilisations under the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, the promotion of the cultural silk road to the exchange of people’s hearts and minds, as well as the global significance of the Chinese-style modernisation. The seminar programme adopted a combination of mentoring, academic lectures, and field trips to enhance the academic level of the young sinologists and provide new theoretical perspectives for the promotion of Sino-foreign civilization dialogue and China studies.

At the Seminar on Papers event, Ms. Ivana Kopilović presented on the topic, “Belt and Road Initiative in Serbia: Case Study Analysis”.

Young Sinologists
A slide from the presentation shows the total amount of Chinese investments in Serbia (Red Column) is almost the same as that of all EU member states combined (Blue Column).
Young Sinologists

If you would like to know more about investments in Serbia, or the Free Trade Agreement between Serbia and China, please contact us.

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